Privacy Policy


Everyone wants their security and authentication parameters kept safe, with information not revealed to any third party. Inosphere Online teams protect users’ personal information and build trust.

Our task is to deliver relevant and updated content in different categories covering many important aspects of daily life activities in simple and easily understandable language. We assure you that the information provided at Infosphere Online is purely unique, and no copied content is provided here.

  • The personal information of the user is protected:

The information used while filling out online forms is delivered directly to us and kept hidden. No other person can get your details like name, contact number, address etc., because these are kept safe in our database.

  • Authenticated use of information

The information the user provides is used only for user interest and cannot be used by the company for personal benefit. If the company wants to access the information, the message is first prompted to the user. The company can use that information for verification if the user allows access.

  • Its the user’s choice to deactivate their account

Infosphere Online offers a service where the user can deactivate or delete his account in case of personal issues.

  • Users can accept or reject the cookies.

Infosphere Online allows the user to change his browsing settings as per his choice. It’s not mandatory to accept cookies. Users can accept or reject the cookies as per their choice.

  • Declaration form for data processing

Infosphere Online details why the credentials are being taken by the organization and for what purpose. The declaration also clearly mentions that the data is kept completely secure without any third-party access.

  • Data Protection Officer team in action

If you have any doubts regarding the policy of Infosphere Online or if you think your details have been disclosed without your consent, you can get help from our data protection officer team, who will look into the matter and get you back.

  • User Rights under European Union Guidelines

Under GDPR, the user has the right to transfer their data or request to view the data entered by the user (though there may be certain conditions on the whole criteria). The regulations formulated by the EU apply to all online businesses that use the client’s or users’ personal information and offer certain services (as per the brand).

Contact Us

If any user has doubts or confusion regarding the terms mentioned in the privacy policy, please put your query in our mailbox on the email id()  or directly contact our help desk team. The Infosphere Online Help Desk team is always ready to take your queries through direct calls or drop an email.